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Science-based treatments for when you've tried traditional methods and they simply don't work


Natural Medicine

Checking Weight

Weight Loss Program

Doctor and Patient

Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Mehdi founded LifeMed Clinic with a mission to help people make the right lifestyle choices to achieve a greater and healthier lifespan. Having practiced medicine for over 15 years, Dr Mehdi came to realise an increased demand for a holistic treatment approach that not only focuses on a patient's presenting problems, but also the lifestyle factors underpinning those problems.

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15 Years of Medicine Practice to Help Enhance Your Wellbeing

Convenient telehealth consultations from anywhere in Australia

LifeMed Clinic - Plant Based Medicine - Medical Cannabis - Telehealth - Alternative Medicine - Lifestyle Medicine - Australia

New Patients

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Existing Patients

Returning patients can easily schedule a a telehealth appointment online

Our Focus is Your Better Health

15+ Years of Medicine Practice
Improve Your Health & Wellbeing
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