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Weight Loss

Overweight and Obesity are chronic health problems with a lifestyle aetiology. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way for treating these conditions. It takes motivation, compliance and big lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain an optimal weight.

One of the greatest challenges to the Australian healthcare system is overweight and obesity. According to the data published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, about two thirds of Australian adults and one quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese.

The data shows a doubling of surgical treatments such as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass over the past decade.

Unfortunately, surgical treatments for weight loss do not often have long-lasting results and many patients opt for revision surgeries. This is mainly because surgery does not address the underlying cause of their obesity, that is, lifestyle and dietary choices.

At LifeMed, we adopt lifestyle medicine interventions to support long-term and sustainable weight management.

Dr Mehdi is a specialised GP and has a special interest in lifestyle medicine which focuses on preventing, treating and reversing chronic conditions with lifestyle interventions.

If you are struggling with weight management, book a lifestyle medicine consultation to discover how lifestyle interventions can support your weight loss journey.

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